Still considered to be a relatively new eyelash treatment to the ever-growing and evolving world of beauty, SVS is a hidden gem. The abbreviations stand for speed, volume and style, and the process has been exclusively created by us here at Nouveau Lashes to combine the best aspects of our Extend, Express and Volume Masters treatments. Taking into consideration your eye shape, desired style and ‘fullness’, your SVS lashes are tailored especially for you, giving you the lashes you love every single time.


SVS Technician: Belle's Beauty by Victoria


As we mentioned above, the initial ‘S’ in SVS stands for speed. Perfect for those wanting the drama of a set of Volume lashes, but don’t have 3 hours spare to sit in a salon for them to be applied. Depending on your desired look, the treatment can take as little as 45 minutes and give amazing results! Instead of the classic 1 on 1 eyelash application, each lash is ‘fanned’ into three different lengths, giving a fluffy, thicker look without adding hours of time. Maintain them correctly by brushing them daily, and you will only need infills every 2-3 weeks. Result!

Beauty Sleep

Are you the kind of person who rates a good night sleep above most other things? (We’re totally guilty of this too!) SVS lashes mean you look bright, awake and alert from the moment you wake up. Simply slap on your foundation/BB cream/bronzer/moisturiser/whatever you can’t leave the house without, give your hair a quick brush, and you’re out the door and ready for the day!

You’re in Control

Now, when we compared our SVS eyelash treatment to Russian Volume, we don’t want to put off those who prefer a more natural look, as the fullness of the lashes is completely your choice. The nature of the different lengths of the ‘fans’ means that you can go as light and fluffy, or thicker and more volumized as you like. SVS are more textured in appearance than the dense, uniform look of Volume lashes, for more information of the differences between the two treatments, click here. However if you are looking for a set of lashes you could pass off as your own, we would recommend a classic set of Extend lashes.

No Sweat!

Once the initial 48 hours are over following your treatment, you are fine to swim, spin, sweat, shower- all the things that you would probably be a little wary of if you haven’t had eyelash extension before. Of course, you should avoid having your face directly under the shower head and should perhaps avoid the saunas and steam rooms for a couple of days after to allow the adhesive to set completely, but other than that you are good to go! (Plus- anything that’s going to improve how we look after a hardcore spinning class is a winner with us!)

Fuss Free

After the initial application, and you have a gorgeous, fluffy set of SVS, the only maintenance you need to do is brush them! The hair on our lashes is as important as the hair on our hair, so regular brushing is key. You could also use our Lash and Lid Foaming Cleanser twice a week to make sure your whole eyelid area stays hydrated and keeps bacteria at bay. Maintaining your SVS in prime condition means your infill appointments will be few and far between, as well as super quick!

Zero Damage

We are allllll about lash health here at Nouveau Lashes, and that doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to new treatments. During your initial consultation, our expertly trained technicians will take into account the condition, length and amount of your lashes. This way they know exactly how many to apply in order the avoid damaging them. When you are ready to remove them, avoid pulling or picking them out! Simply visit your tech who will remove them safely, or pick up our Lash Extension Remover and remove them safely from the comfort of your own home.

Have we convinced you? *wink wink, nudge nudge* Use our salon finder here to find a talented SVS technician in your area!



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