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Individual Lash Extensions J Curl Black


These soft and fluffy but strong curls feel natural and hold well over weeks of wear. The easy-peel design means lashes lift from the strip easily without damage or snapping. They're available in single lengths or multi-length packs. Designed to work with Ultrabond Pro Adhesives.
B Curl - Good for natural-looking results, gives the impression of an eye lift, good for round eyes
C Curl - Creates a dramatic look, ideal for clients with curly lashes, harder to achieve a full bond on straight lashes
J Curl - A natural looking curl, very similar to the average curl found on natural lashes
O Curl - The curliest curl we have available
0.07mm - Extremely fine, super-soft. Use to add volume and fullness. Great for longevity
0.10mm - Very fine, softer feel. Use for clients with fine natural lashes. Great for longevity
0.12mm - Fine, softer feel. Use for clients with fine natural lashes
0.15mm - Good match for natural lashes, easiest with which to achieve an acceptable bond
0.20mm - Thick, recommeded for short-term wear only
0.25mm - Very thick, recommended for short-term wear only

6, 7, 8 and 9mm - These are short and typically used for lower lashes and the inner corners of the upper lash line
10, 11mm - These are medium length lashes and are suitable for most clients
12, 13, 14, 15mm - These are long lashes and are primarily used for clients with naturally long lashes or for clients wanting dramatic lashes for special occasions or photoshoots etc

100% Synthetic - Vegan Friendly