• Strip Lash Glamour / Style 1 - Nouveau Lashes USA
  • Strip Lash Glamour / Style 1 - Nouveau Lashes USA

Strip Lash Glamour / Style 1


Premium quality, light weight and reusable striplashes - add maximum length and volume to natural lashes for short term wear. Choose from our three key themes and 4 options within them.
Strip Lash Glamour / Style 1 is the most elegant style within the Glamour range, each lash is clearly defined and precise. If you're looking for the WOW factor, a big and bold statement lash try Glamour / 2, for a lash with fullness at the root and a significant flare at the tip try Glamour / 3 or for our most glamourous lash in the range, ideal for a full and most pronounced stage and show look try Glamour / 4.
Includes 1 pair of lashes - 1ml vial of Vegan Ultrabond Striplash Adhesive
#protip - Try our oil free, kind to eyes Eye Make-Up Remover to remove make-up without removing your strip lashes, allowing for longer wear

• Check the fit of strip lash, if too long trim from the outer edge • Carefully apply a small amount of adhesive along vein of strip lash • Allow 30 seconds to dry • Place strip lash in centre of upper eyelid, as close as possible to natural lashes • Apply rest of lash working outwards to corner of the eye • Hold for a few seconds until adhesive sets

Acrylates Copolymer, Aqua (Water) - Vegan Friendly