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Waxing The City LVL Training Certificate


This is a Special Certificate valid ONLY for Waxing the City Cerologist wishing to get a LVL Certificate. This certificate is valid for LVL technique and has an expiration of 2 years.

After paying for your certificate please upload 3 pictures to the following link :

Please Name the Picture with your name and number of picture you are sending

This certificate is personal and non transferable. No cancelations or returns after the certificate has been issued.

*All our training and services are designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. Nouveau Lashes USA or his employees in no event should be liable for any special. direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages in connection with the use of our products or services of any kind with respect to the training material provided

By accepting taking this training the student accepts and agrees that is a professional certified and complies with all Local, State and Federal Regulations. Taking the training is not sufficient to perform services in States that requires a license or special certificates. Please seek appropriate advice before making any financial decisions.